Why Mind-Body Medicine?

When we hear the term “mind-body” medicine, what many think of first is various forms of meditations and mindfulness techniques. These are powerful therapeutic interventions that I use in my private practice. Research supports these techniques, as they demonstrate some of the fascinating ways they can alter the physical state of the body and create new neural pathways in the brain.

However, many people suffer painful mental health symptoms due to untreated hormonal imbalances, circadian rhythm imbalance or sleep patterns, nutrient deficiencies, diet, substances they use, exercise or playtime they have, toxins in their system, digestive imbalances, food sensitivities, blood sugar swings, or excess inflammation. These can all radically transform your mood and brain function.

Once the body is back in balance (if this an issue for you), working with the emotional dimensions of our pain and hurt is critical. Psychotherapy will be much more beneficial, and you will be more active in the process. It is a tough road to follow if we dismiss how our genetics, diet, and environment interact to change our brain chemistry. It will detract from the optimal function and balance of our mind and body.

I believe the mind and body, from personal experience and watching others heal, can heal itself with the proper ingredients of healthy, lifestyle medicine. Sometimes we have to get out of our way. We must take a proactive role in getting healthy and staying healthy. I am committed to helping other women who may be experiencing the same thing who may not even realize it.