From the beginning of the day to the end of the day you feel like you’re going through the motions of life, but not truly living. It feels like you’re always on a battlefield dreading to start a new day to feel pressed down all over again. One minute your heart can be racing and your thinking foggy lacking focus or clarity, and the next moment you could be down and feel like you are not able to move. You feel anxious and wake up at 3:00 a.m. ruminating over a problem, or feel burned out. The smile you put on your face takes a lot of energy! It’s all you can do to hold it together to get to the next day to do it all again.

You want to feel like you did all those years ago. You’ve noticed a change in your emotional and physical state over the years. You don’t know when this all started. It struck you like a missile, and it feels horrible. A way out seems impossible in your world. It can feel discouraging and even hopeless at times. Nothing you have tried is working. You want to feel whole again. You want it to stop interfering in different aspects of your life.

Hi, I’m Priscilla.

I help women who are experiencing depletion, both physical and emotional, achieve optimal health and living by regaining their vitality using a holistic approach.

There is a way to break free, and I can help you explore the different pathways to health. If you’re a woman who is struggling with anxiety, mental clarity, or fatigue, I want help. You will learn how your mind, body, and lifestyle choices can influence one another, and how to harness all three to have the kind of life you want, so you can fully enjoy living again and feel happy.

The focus, in my work with you, is on learning how meeting the needs of your body, which is the power supply for your brain, impacts energy, anxiety, and mental clarity. My goal, for you, is to get you all the resources, tools, and strategies you need to help optimize the health of your brain, body, mind, and lifestyle utilizing safe, effective, and natural resources that will help you feel clear, focused, calm, vibrant, and energized.

As you can see, I integrate the whole woman in the work that I do. For lasting transformation to take place, we must attend to the health in all these areas. Working this way means I won't give you band-aid solutions — I get to the underlying cause(s) of issues to support true healing. Together, you and I will figure out what’s going on. There is no reason you should have to continue feeling this way.

I’d love to be a support in helping you achieve liberation from the battles that keep you from living out your full potential. I offer a secure client portal, and the ability to see clients in-person or online throughout the state of California; I make it easy to fit therapy into your busy life. I offer a free 30-minute consultation to determine together if we are a good fit. You can call, text, or email me at (805) 616-1450 / Get in Touch!

She is Clothed in Strength and Dignity and She Laughs Without Fear of The Future
— Proverbs 31:25