My approach is empathic, collaborative, integrative, and holistic. Working this way honors your whole experience and with practice, allows for growth to occur on all levels: body, mind, and soul.  This will balance your whole-body wellness. One of my primary goals is to accurately assess to understand your pain story, not just your pain symptoms, by fully understanding the organic causes of mental health and the emotional symptoms you are presenting.  

I offer a highly personalized approach, blending both psychotherapy and health coaching techniques, tailored to fit your unique needs, personality, and preferences. I do not have a one size fits all approach, as each woman has her uniqueness. YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE --- SET APART AND UNIQUE.

We will focus on your emotional wellbeing, community support, social medicine, pleasure, restoration, relationships, brain health, personal and professional development. This is to ensure all aspects of your life are being fed.  I may make recommendations for basic health, lifestyle, nutrition modifications, and encourage you to adapt positive behavior changes to help improve your overall mental health. I desire to help empower each woman I work with to own her healing journey and nourish her beyond the symptoms.

Our Inner Growth

As women, many of us struggle with self-esteem, insecurities, and fear, which keep us from our original design. It is rewarding for me to be able to walk alongside women and tackle down the deeply embedded lies and agreements that have weighed them down for so long into the freedom of truth. I want to help you combat these false beliefs by transforming them into renewed truths of confidence, value, beauty, and inner strength.

This starts with building a healthy relationship with our inner self and strengthening ourselves internally. We have to replace the faulty elements we believe to be true of ourselves, others, and the world with the potent, healthy ingredients of truth. It is a challenging process, but to win the battle and succeed, we have to fight for ourselves.



My areas of particular interest and focus include: an integrative approach to mental health utilizing basic health, lifestyle, nutrition modifications, positive behavior changes, and education; regulating hormone balance through nourishment, sleep, and moving; emotional eating; wellness & health coaching techniques; grief and loss counseling; self-esteem/worth; women's issues; and anxiety.

Also, I focus on difficulties related to work, school, health, and life transitions. I hold a Master’s Diploma in Biblical counseling for those interested in combining the Christian Biblical principles of their faith with the psychological aspects of their issues.